2008 Bar Exam Result: Good News!

Waiting is over!
  “It's like an exam, who's ever ready for it? You just go in and take it.” -Rodney Pratt

My physical and mental strength were put to test particularly in the month of September 2008. For four Sundays of September, I faced the inevitable test to finally realize my dream to becoming a lawyer – BAR EXAM: the battle of legal reasoning.

It has been an arduous and exhausting  journey. There were times when I wanted to physically surrender because it was already becoming  difficult to endure, but my eagerness to overcome and pursue my passion kept me going. Apart from bar examination itself, what was more agonizing was the waiting for  the result. Six months of waiting were unbearable.

At long last!  the result came out on April 3, 2009 with 20.58 percent passing rate.  I braved to go personally to the Supreme Court inorder to witness the judgment day. At about eight o’clock in the evening, while waiting at Almon Marina Restaurant inside Robinsons Place Mall, I received a text message from Atty. Soriano stating: Congrats Panyera! Oh my God! I didn’t know what to do whether to jump right then and there, I wanted to shout to my highest level. Shortly, I received text messages and calls from one to another, extending their congratulations. Atty. Madel and Atty. Kaycee who were with me at that time also confirmed  that I made it on the list of the 2008 Bar Exam passers. I felt  euphoric, I was in the state of ecstacy! I called my mum to extend to her the good news and the moment she answered her phone I said “mommy! may abogada kana!”, she was crying, shouting her gladness, and thanking the Lord. At that time, she was with my siblings, who were equally joyful.  What could be more fulfilling than seeing and hearing my mum and siblings genuinely happy for me. I too cried, It dawned me actually! finally a realization of my childhood dreams. A total of 1,310 out of the 6,364 examinees from 108 law schools nationwide passed the 2008 Bar examinations held on September 7, 14, 21, and 28 last year at the De La Salle University in Taft Avenue, Manila.  See complete results here.

I took my lawyers oath on April 28, 2009 and signed my roll of attorney on April 30, 2009. Lord, Thank you! to you I give back the Glory. To my mother and to my siblings, thank you, you helped me realize my dreams, giving all your unconditional support. Thanks for giving me wonderful and decent life too.


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