Cagbalete Island, Mauban Quezon

calm water

Stunning picture of sea and vast  expanse of sand ripple awaits  here in Cagbalete Island.   One need not jetting off to some island paradise because Cagbalete in Mauban, Quezon is just six hours from  Metro Manila.   Added bonus to this trip is refreshing view of green fields.

There are no  five star hotel resorts, party venues nor a hoppin’ nightlife in this island, instead what we found is a simple room, cozy enough to get through the night.   The electricity can only be enjoyed up to ten in the evening. The silence of the night, gives way to the wheezing  sound of the sea, frogs, and chirping crickets.jumping

In  essence,  Cagbalete offers nature at its best! Blue skies, white sand, trees, golden sun, twinkling stars, friendly locals, and great tasting foods! – The Island attracts wanderers who yearn to have a respite free from busy Metro life.


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