Recent Works by Emmanuel Garibay

How can I be useful, of what service can I be? There is something inside me, what can it be?  – Vincent Van Gough

I was able to attend the exhibit of Recent works by Emmanuel Garibay at Total Gallery of the Alliance Francaise de Manille last August. I came to know about this event, from AF’s weekly email.  I was really excited that I set aside my saturday off from work to finally see his compelling works of art.


Garibay describes his approach as “social realism”.  In all humility, I am not an authority talking about arts.  I have no formal education pertaining to Art courses, I could only appreciate, and thanks my humanity teacher in UST, Senora Purita  Barja, for the knowledge that i have towards visual arts.

Accordingly, Social Realism is a style of painting  in which the scenes depicted typically convey a message of social or political protest edged with satire.  This is really evident in his interestingly flambouyant, and controversial paintings. His subjects center on primarily: ordinary people and philippine places.

The entirety of each painting in itself conveys a message, which are interpreted subjectively by every spectator; but there is more to these bold images, vibrant colors, distictive brushstokes, and surface textures.  They all blend in perfect harmony.

Needless to state, Emmanuel Garibay is a true blue Filipino visual artist that really represents Philippines- promoting social changes through his works.


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