The Manor, Camp John Hay Baguio

It’s a fine Saturday morning,  the sun’s up and an idea of a perfect weekend getaway summons us.  But because I have papers to work on, I am a bit hesitant to go out of town, so after having breakfast, I am determined to go to Starbucks at Torre Lorenzo to write  my paper.  Two hours passed , I still cannot come up with a better pleading, I have already consumed my coffee, yet I feel my mind is not into my papers.   It was already one o’clock in the afternoon when we decided to go up north, where else but in Baguio City.

For me, Baguio is the place to go when things  here in the Metro is  not working in accordance to my likings. A new breath of a fresher air indeed. Along the way to Baguio, I called The Manor in Camp John Hay to reserve a room, luckily the hotel is not fully booked, paving a room for us in just a short notice.  We arrived at about 7:30 in the evening,  The Manor is quaint, lovely and idyllic. I consider it as the finest Hotel in Baguio City. We were given a  room with a garden view. Well appointed, clean and cozy. Five star service, polite, and warm staff.

Spending the night at the Manor is relaxing, it was so cold and foggy outside . At the lobby’s piano bar, we enjoyed watching and listening to the  lounge singers. Light and easy songs were sung, even our favorites too. Some local guests also rendered songs.

Aside from the romantic setting of this hotel, their Le Chef Restaurant is popular to give pleasurable gastronomic experience. The price is a bit prohibitive though. Great food and provides a choice of either local or international dishes.  Pastries are freshly baked, soft, sweet, and full of flavor.

The Manor is located within the premises of Camp John Hay it is surrounded by tall pine trees, shopping area, verdant golf courses, and Cordillera ranges.  There is also a  Starbucks within the premises of CJH, perfect!  Needless to state that this hotel offers almost everything to make our Baguio stay carefree and stress free.

We went back to Manila feeling recharged, energetic, and ready to face another work week. I am looking forward to go back and spent another weekend at the Manor.


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