Boracay for the First Time

“Follow the river and you will find the sea.”

It was February this year, when I booked our flight for Boracay in time for Christmas season. Cebu Pacific has always been generous towards their promos, making it  possible for more travels this year. Last week, my much awaited   first time in the Island of Boracay was fully consummated, spending 3 days and 2 nights in this Island. I have always been consistent when I travel; I research beforehand my destination: hotel to stay, food, weather, what to do, and the scenic spots that should not be missed.  But I deviated from my usual me, I never really exerted effort to research about Boracay. The only important for me is a decent hotel to stay, the accounts from my friends who have gone to the island will suffice for me to carry out my stay.

Boracay is not at all impressive at first glance, atleast for me. I thought that it is just another SSS- sea, sand, and sun. To my mind it is all about crowded island, foreign beings, fancy hotels/accomodations, bars, and retaurants. That’s all about it.  It is hard to be impartial when comparison sets in until :

1. Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel upgraded us from  Deluxe Sea View to  De Luxe Poolside.  That was really something to appreciate. We were surprise actually! then I came to know that the hotel reservation manager in Manila happens to be my playmate when I was in my kiddie days. Aside from beautiful hotel, the staff are awesome, from arrival to departure, attending to our needs, great tasting food, polite and courteous staff, and the most important is that the are is WiFi to still connect with office work. All these from Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel.

Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

Our room has a great view of the sea. Clean, cozy and very decent.

2. Our first day was actually devoted to Shangrila Boracay Resort and Spa.  Grand is probably an understatement. It is a world class resort, surrounded by fine things, and well maintained amenities. The buffet at Vintana Restaurant is superb!  I could say people from Shangrila Boracay are overly polite, cautious and very very attentive. I don’t mind spending on my next trip to Boracay, just to stay in this marvelous hotel. It’s actually worth every money spent. Everything in this place is almost perfect, blissful experiences are waiting in this side of Boracay.

Lots of choices, exquisite, fine and sumptuous tastes. More pictures of the food here

Staffs of Shangrila Boracay, setting up the table for dinner by the bay for their guests. Isn’t it wonderful?

3. The sand, so fine and powdery that I could compare it to splenda. I have not experience the fine quality of sand that Boracay offers, over the beaches that I have experienced. The pristine bluish green waters are so inviting. The golden orange backdrop during sundown, covering the horizon is such a wonder. Beautiful beyond description.

Sun worshiper I am!

4.  I could also say that crowded and hoppin night is EF-U -EN. We found ourselves enjoying every moment spent. We tried the famous Jonah’s shake, went to D’ Talipapa market and have our foods cooked  there too, shopping at D’Mall, and just plain walking by the bay. Oh, I must say that I have also enjoyed my hot Starbucks machiato by the bay.

Jonah’s Fruitshake: Mango-Banana

D’ Talipapa Market

Starbucks, Boracay Island.

I Misjudge her at first, now Im full of superlatives to describe her. Boracay is Boracay, nothing less and nothing else. I heart Boracay!  Very true, Boracay is the number one, unbeatable at that!


2 thoughts on “Boracay for the First Time

  1. did you try yung buffet sa Vintana? i am going to boracay on my birthday and planning to have a good dinner in Vintana kaya i would ask kung how much or at least estimate. 🙂

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