Cheesecake and Friends= Perfect Blend!


 Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”- Albert Einstein

Yes! It is creamy, rich, and  delicious. The picture above is my cheesecake entry when at our office, we had our search for the Best cheesecake in the Metro. Several weeks ago, I was painstakingly researching over the net of what could be my best entry for this competition. Some suggestions from my friends were taken into account, while I do my own reasearch  based on review from food experts. My desicion was to bring one from Beckys Kitchen, they say that this kitchen is known for its yummy treats and savory taste. Resolved to bring cheesecake from Bekcys, I have never considered any other option.

Cheesecake Wednesday has come, I am excited and all set to go to Becky’s at their Vito Cruz branch. I called their branch and ordered my cheesecake; to my dismay the girl over the phone said “Sorry maam, we are not currently offering cheesecake in our bakeshop”. Okay, period.

And so I came up with a Cheesecake from the pastry shop of Century Park Hotel. The proximity of the hotel from my place led me to chance upon their cheesecakes. I particularly ordered their classic new york with tiny specs of chocolate on top and their chocolate cheesecake. Chocolate and Cheese are perfect blend.

Up are different kind of cheesecakes from different bakeshops. Each of my officemates have their own stories to tell too, on how they came up with their cheesecakes. Entries were from Century Park Hotel, Bizu, Cravings, Diamond Hotel,Cheesecake factory, Chelsea, Illustrado, Rustans Gourmet, Stabucks, Miss Desserts and Contis. We had cheesecake recipes from plain to the intensely rich New York cheesecake to gourmet flavors like oreo, cookies and cream.The winner of them all is the cheesecake from Diamond Hotel, brought by Atty. Cheche. 

We spent wonderful time sharing our cheesecake discoveries. Happy stomach, happy tastebuds. The cheesecakes were all divine, reason enough to continue our work with big smile on our faces.


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