Sizzling Pepper Steak

Mix, Turn, and Sizzle.

One usual Sunday spent at Harbor Square in CCP led us to Sizzling Pepper Steak Restaurant. We frequently hang out at Harbor Square during Sunday night, especially after attending mass at Malate Church. I was surprise to see a new restaurant in the premises. What used to be  Singkit Restaurant in now Sizzling Pepper Steak.

The restaurant distincts itself in the manner of ordering the food. The server will leave a slip the moment the diner  seats. The slip provides for an itemized menu, and the diner will choose the item/s and he will write  his order/s on the same slip. Once done, he will turn the Moo-Flip from Stop red to Moove Green; and then a prompt server will attend to the  diner’s order.

I dined at Sizzling Pepper once at Glorietta 5 with my officemates, I ordered their beef pepper rice and corn soup.  This time I tried their Pork Pepper Rice, still with corn soup. If we talk about their corn soup, I loved it for being creamy and tasty.

The thinly sliced pork flavored with japanese pepper and rice are placed on a patented hot plate system. One must flip the meat on the other side while it is hot in order to cook the meat evenly. Mix it with pepper rice, and opt to add the sauce of your choice. The taste is just right, juicy and tender. The serving is enough to satisfy a person on a diet but definitely is not for one who has a big apetite.

In an effort to satisty their customers, they came up with a “production number”. When our foods were served, the waiters gathered themselves into group and started to dance the popular dance sensation these days: Nobody, Nobody but you by Wondergirls. I enjoyed watching their dance, while enjoying my food too.


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