2010 Planner: My Moleskine and Starbucks

Planning and organizing goes together. In planning , one  is assured to have a better grasp on how to deal with personal life  and work complexities.  It is amazing how a pen and planner would make life a lot earsier to deal with.  I am very excited to welcome year 2010, although year 2009 has been great and blessed year for me.  Im definitely having my moleskine , starbucks planner, and my omnia pro in going through 2010.

I chose Moleskine, because of its reknowed quality over years, aside from its remarkable reputation worldwide. It is now the current reigning king of little black book. Oh let me add, I particularly like its simple and unassuming design. Nothing is written on the front cover, just the word moleskine imprinted on the back cover, that’s almost neglible.

Since collecting Starbucks planner has been a tradition for me, I’m definitely having their 2010 planner too. What is more meaningful with having this Starbucks planner is that, there awaits 3,000 wishes of a brighter future to be granted to marginalized children thru Spark Hope Foundation.


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