Movie: Avatar

They’ve sent us a message that they can take whatever they want; but we will send them a massage that this, this is our land! – Jake Sully

I just came from powerplant mall and I just had an awesome entertainment experience. Sure! I have heard so much about this movie before it was shown, and I never expected too much honestly. The reason being is that, I am utterly tired of a movie that promises, but does not actually deliver what the audience expects.

But Avatar is one of the exceptions. It does deliver what a moviegoers should rightfully get. The scie-fi-fantasy-adventure setting would surely keep the spectators on their seats. I could not even take my eyes off the screen.

The story is stereotyped, predictable but the twist and turn of events, coupled by surreal Pandora world, a kind like garden of eden, rich, lush rainforest makes it awesome. The illuminating colors of blue, purple, and white provides a magical feel. At one point, I wanted to immerse myself into the movie if only to experience a fleeting magical world. Initially, I thought that the appearance of the characters in Pandora  are ugly – they are ten feet tall, bluish with tails and rabbit like ears, but minute after minute until the movie ended, I became very fond of these creatures.

Cinematic effects are spectacular that further enhanced the story. It also delivers a powerful message that is politically applicable in today’s word.  I will  not be surprise if Avatar will reap all the awards at the Oscars this year!


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