Manny Villar

My two year old niece  Dora, is very irritable since this morning. In the middle of her incessant cries, we chanced upon Manny Villar’s 2010 presidential commercial.  Dora stopped crying, started to watch the commercial, smiles as if she understood what the infomercial is trying to convey.  Must be the kids singing that  captured her attention, added to that is the melody. After the informercial, she wanted more and more. Thank God for youtube! It saved my nanny day with my niece.

Whoever is behind the commercial, Hey you got my niece’s attention! if only she could vote lol! okay, okay, Im having the lss syndrome right now because of the long youtube replay. .. si villar and tunay na mahirap, si villar and tunay na may malasakit! Gee trust me! I have memorize the song by heart!

My niece Dora

My nephew and nieces singing villar ad:

Here’s the manny villar informercial that catched my niece’s attention:


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