Las Pinas: The Bamboo Organ

The arrival of Fr. Diego Cera, a Spanish recollect missionary in 1797 in a sleepy town of Las Pinas, marked the beginning of glorious city of Las Pinas today. The man who is behind the one and only bamboo organ in the world. He built the St. Joseph church where the bamboo organ is housed to date. The organ was made primarily as song accompaniment during mass.

Bamboo Organ in Las Pinas is one fine treasure to the Filipinos; It plays a major contribution to Filipino culture in the area of music.

FACTS FROM LAS PINAS MUSEUM: Out of 1,031 pipes, 902 are made of bamboo. It took Fr. Cera eight years to build the organ. Unfortunately, major catastrophic events : three earthquakes in 1881 severely damaged the organ, and strong typhoon in 1882 blew up the roof and chest of the organ, adding more to the damage suffered. For more than a decades, the bamboo organ remained unplayable. It was shipped to Germany in 1973 to Johannes Klais Orgelbau, in order to be restored. In the year 1975, the organ returned home to the Philippines. From then on, Las Pinas held the yearly International Bamboo Organ Festival during the month of February.


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