Go Greek in Makati

Here’s my another food expose: Go Greek in Glorietta 4, Makati. It was sometime last week of December last year when I came to know about Go Greek from my officemate. I did checked it out and tried what was in store.

The restaurant offers mousakka, kebab, gyro, and lemon chicken to name a  few. I am fond of their lamb kebab platter. The kebab platter consists of a choice of either potato or rice, kebab, and green salads. The price is incredibly reasonable since their servings are huge.

Kebab (Lamb) Platter

Mixed Shawarma

This week, me and my officemates went back to Go Greek, not just once but twice! This time I ordered their lambchop platter. Did I mention that I am trying to cut  a little of my food intake? Food has been my major activity since December. This budget friendly restaurant that offers fresh greek meal is just so irresistible. For a fleeting moment, I forgot I am on a diet.


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