Soothsayers in Quiapo

What does your card say?

Stay busy during slow workweek. A VIP will notice your diligence. Single? Quit dwelling on a past relationship or you’ll miss connection with an amazing man. Attached?  Talk about your relationship problems when uptight Uranus creates tention around 22nd. A sensual make-out fortifies your bond. Tip:  Ceative neptune wants you to start a blog or twitter account on the 12th.

Quiapo is one of the busiest districts in downtown Manila. People flock the area to pay visit to Quiapo church that houses the image of Black Nazarene. Devotees believe that miraculous thing will happen to one who touches the image. Friday novenas fill the vicinity with ardent devotees, saying their fervent pleases. Peddlers of religious items such as novena cards, rosaries, and candles are all over the place.

The Quiapo church is a paradox. Ubiquitous soothsayers who claim to have a psychic power to unfold the future surround the place.  Patrons come by to Quiapo to consult about: love relationships, marriage, jobs, health and possibility of going aborad.

Catholic priests and ministers discourage fortune-telling; it is in  fact violative to catholic teachings. Given that,  many are still  willing to pay 1oo pesos  for a fleeting thirty minutes of tarot and palm reading. To some desperates, they take the word of the soothsayer as a gospel truth. Perhaps they are too vulnerable, that is emotionally incapable to deal with their real issues.  They need an easy way to find answers to their trials and tribulations.

Reading people’s lives has already become an industry outside the church;  The proliferation of these soothsayers are unstoppable, they will continue to exist as long as there is someone whose willing to be fooled.  Truth is, there is really no way to peek ahead of the future. Precogs, psychics, palm reader, soothsayers,  however they are called  – fact is they really don’t know how things will turn out ahead of time . Simply unreliable.


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