Fly me to the Moon

 Out there in the outer space, the moon illuminates into our dark nights. A bewitching sight; Its presence in the sky  makes the night dramatic and romantic.

The successful  landing  of Apollo 11 into this foreign celestial body is the culmination of more heavenly explorations. American ingenuities were  heralded for their  remarkable contribution to history and science. Proves  that  it’s not impossible for a man to fly into the moon.  Neil Armstrong’s name is forever  immortalized in our science books as the very first human to have set foot on the moon.

Who owns  the moon?

From wikisource: As far as ownership to the moon is concerned, Outer space treaty states that outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use, occupation , or by any other means. Further, under the Moon Treaty of 1979, moons should be used for the benefit of all sates and all people of the international community.

Interestingly,only thirteen countries have signed and ratified the Moon Treaty of 1979. One of those is Philippines. Rich countries like USA have not signed the treaty.  Perhaps, only nations that have no chance, no hope of getting up there  have signed the treaty lol! US is likely to have more explorations in the moon to know whether they can put up a man on the moon.


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