Kalesa at Ang Kutsero

Rarely these days that we see Kalesa on the road, be that, it remains to be our national vehicle.  It was introduced to us by Spaniards in the 18th century, used by high ranking officials and illustrados.  Today, jeepneys outnumbered the Kalesa,  the latter could be seen inside the walls of intramuros with its kutsero acting as tour guide.  In Binondo, Kalesa still operates, and being use as a mode of trasportation.

In our recent visit to Intramuros, we spared our feet from a long and tiring walk.  To cover the entire Intramuros, we opted for a kalesa ride.  The Kutsero acted as our tour guide, and  lectured us about  Philippine History.  He gave us time to wonder and wander the interesting points in the area. I do recommend to take a kalesa ride when you visit Intramuros.

Some say that “kwentong Kutchero”  (story by a coachman) shoud not be believed because  his version of the story is related with trivial lies and exaggeration. I extend benefit of the doubt to our Kutsero. I commend him for his great contribution to promote Philippine tourism.  Afterall, kwentong kutsero is just a coined idiomatic expression for exaggerated accounts.

The kutsero holds a map of intramuros, enumerating the significant areas to visit  such as museums, plazas, forts , schools, gardens, churches, and monuments. Kalesa tour package is priced at 250 pesos. It is important to ask first about the price and duration before agreeing to take the tour. The kutchero should be able to finish the 27 spots provided in the map, and should allow passengers a reasonable time to examine and feel the area.


6 thoughts on “Kalesa at Ang Kutsero

  1. hello Miss gorgeous Charade,
    your page is such a great site to visit in terms of looking for beautiful places. Your photos are very good indeed.

    We’ll be going in Intramuros on Saturday, and I would like to ask about the “kutxhero”, where can we find Kutchero that can serve as our guie in “touring” Intramuros? And how many hours will it take for the P250 charge (tour package) to tour around Intramuros?

    Thank You in advance for your reply

  2. Hi ! Kalesas are everywhere in Intramuros, its Kutsero (driver) will guide you in going around the place. They wear uniforms and ID’s (see picture). Mostly seen in front of Manila Cathedral. The 250 package is good for 30 mins to 45 mins with reasonable stop overs to take photos. If you opt to stay longer in particular spots they will allow you but note that different rates will apply.

    Important: Before agreeing to engage his services, make sure both of you have already agreed on a particular price to pay, since there are some Kutseros who ask for more than the agreed price afterwards. Enjoy =)

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