Proud at 400 UST Photo Contest: I am one of the top 20 finalists!

I am happy to share that I am one  of the top 20 finalists in  UST 400 Photo Contest.  Being shortlisted is enough to make me happy. The awarding of   grand prizes will be on Friday, February 12. I was not aware  then that I am  one of the top 20 finalists, until  I checked the website of Pinoy Photography. org.  I was not expecting honestly.  My entry was  captured on January 30, the last day of submission of entries, I chanced upon UST vs. DLSU softball game. I thought  that it was an opportunity for me to try and capture  sports photography.

See the finalists here:  TOP 10: UST 400 Photo Contest.


The awarding of the grand finalists was held last friday, I went to UST museum in the afternoon to witness the exhibit. My entry was not among the top ten, but happy anyways.  Being  one of the 20 finalist is enough to make me happy. I really admire  all the winners, they truly deserve their places.  The grand prize belongs to Arturo Magturo from batch 1990, here’s a screenshot of his entry :

Grand Prize Winner ( Alumni Category)

Indeed very creative and spectacular, It must have been painstakingly difficult to come up with that winning image.  I am but all praises.

The overall experience of joining this photo contest was fun and overwhelming. It was my first time to join a photo contest not for the sake of joining  one but to take part in the event ; to have an opportunity of going back to UST again for the longest time. Nostalgic! The familiar places  reminds me of my youthful years spent at the university. I am amaze  how UST has changed after sometime too. Btw, I am not that old lol =)

Anyways, here’s another photo entry of mine, but did not make it to the final set.

UST Main Building


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