A Weekend of Everything that Flies 2010

Hot Air Balloon festival in Clarkfield, Pampanga is one of my most anticipated event held every February. This year, we made it a point to go there on its opening day; unfortunately we were late for the morning balloon flight. My experience this year, is not that spectacular there were only few balloons released for flight, three balloons simultaneously glowing up in the air.

Another highlight of the event is the powered paragliding  exhibition of 5 or more paragliders, who appears to have enjoyed being up and up in the air. I noticed though that most, if not all paragliders in this event are all foreigners.

In the afternoon, while waiting for the main balloon event, we managed to check out the duty frees around Clark; thrilling experience since some items can still be bought at a lesser price. It saddens me since out of the ubiquitous duty frees in the area, only three or four  are in operation: Parksons, Liberty, and Clark Interiors to name a few.

From Parksons duty free, we walked straight going to golf club areas but realized we cannot go further, since we have to go back to Clark airbase  in time for the balloon flight.  If we only have more time to explore Nayong Filipino, it would have been more interesting, so I just took some photos anywhere. It was a scenic feast anyways.

We found out that there is a K9 cemetary in Clark, a budding source of tourist attraction perhaps in Clark because of its historical significance. In fact, there is a security guard posted at the pet memorial during day time. I have learned that K9 cemetery for dogs  was established by Americans before they left the US Air Base.

Narrow tombstone of K9s. Written are names of the canine, a combination of numbers and letters.

RALEIGH 30 M9 I spotted a K9 within the Hot Air vicinity.

I realized that the better time to visit the Balloon festival is on the last day  of the festival because all the participating sponsors will showcase their hot air balloon, all set at the same time, all simultaneously glowing. Further one could go there for the early morning balloon flight, since it is the best time for the up, up in the air scene.

Not a balloon but also in the event. He is everywhere in the area, kids love to have photo with him.

So hurry, two days left for the balloon fest, it happens once a year so do not miss the fun experience.


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