Trader’s Latitude : Vday 2010

February 14 is a day of national love celebration. We wanted to make a special celebration for our nth year Vday. To choose where to spend our Vday is tasking, we spent enormous amount of time searching over the internet on where to celebrate. All restaurants and hotels  came up with  unique  valentine packages; some are budget friendly, some are incredibly exorbitant! Say for instance, Manila Hotel, its management came up with a whopping amount of 1.4 million pesos-es for “over the top package”- just for one night!

One of the promising package that caught our attention is “With Strings Attached” at Latitude restaurant in Traders Hotel. A promise of dinner buffet, a complimentary bottle of wine, while being serenaded  by a three-piece acoustic ensemble.  Traders is around three blocks away from my place, so traffic would not be a problem.

When we arrived at Latitude, we thought that it was exactly what we wanted: good food, a place where we can be together, where we can be entertained.  The restaurant is filled with families and couples alike. Love songs played added to the romantic ambiance of the restaurant.

The buffet offers  no  grand selection of international dishes  but food is exquisite  and succulent. Fast service and cordial staffs.  Restaurant’s interior is tastefully adorned.


We had a pleasant bonding together, endless stories and laughter, a groovy kind of  valentine celebration.  Latitude is worth coming back. All thanks to D. =)


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