J and M Pre-Nup

A very good friend-colleague asked me if I could do the taking of pre-nup photos for his law school friend MC. I heard good stories about her, plus it will be my first time to do  some pre-nup so I gladly said YES.

The couple  M&J  are fun to be with, very easy-going .  I thank D my beloved  naks! and CS for helping me out.  Sure CS has the potential of becoming an excellent director.  Thanks as well to A&J for being our helping hands, you guys are the blowing bubbles couple =)

I was happy to do a pre-nup for M&J, I wish you both happiness. 


2 thoughts on “J and M Pre-Nup

  1. WOW! This does not look like first time. The photography is excellent! The slideshow is great too! This Kiss talaga. lol. default pose kasi nila ay naghahalikan. The 8th photo, 11th and 14th photo are my favs!

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