This, this place UST

Main Building

The National Museum named four sites inside the UST campus as National Cultural Treasures: The Open Campus grounds, the Main Building, Arch of the Centuries and Central Seminary.

Open campus grounds and the Central Seminary Building Arch of the Centuries

Back when we were 17/18.

It was because of a mandatory seminar that I had the opportunity to revisit a place I used to practically live at.  A lot has changed since then, a sort of feeling that follows, I hope everything is the same as it was.

I realized  that years of my innocence and youth are somehow forever rooted in this place. Coming back after so long, I left feeling very happy. In my heart, I would always cherish the beautiful friendship  built within the four corners of UST.

HARAPAN 2010: Vice Presidential Debate- Bayani-Binay

This is really hilarious! Hay hay hay!

Binay&Bayani are sure hit comedians!

Binay: Bayani ikaw ba  eh pagka nahalal bilang Pangalawang Pangulo ng ating mahal na bansa,  susuportahan mo bang imbestigahin si Mrs. Gloria Arroyo sa lahat at lahat ng kanyang mga kasalanan?

Bayani: Ikaw ay isang abogado tumayo ka na sa lahat ng entablado para banatan si Presidente, Eh bakit naman hindi mo  pa nagawa yang lahat nayon?

Bayani: Bakit po sa Makati sa kabila ng yaman nyo ay napakarami pang puro  iskwater?

Binay: Ah? ! nagkakamali ka na yata sa data mo bayani?

Bayani:  Ako po naglinis ng inyong mga estero! at nagbabaha kayo ron dahil po andaming  iskwater.

Binay: TAGA MAKATI! maniniwala ba kayo sa sinasabi ni Bayani?  WOW Bayani! anong estero ang pinagmamalaki mo?  WOW! …kami  nagtrabaho dyan Bayani! Pera namin ang ginastos namin!

Binay: Ah… naaawaa naman ako sayo inggit na inggit ka sa aming kayamanan,  pero ang
kayamanan namin ginagamit namin para sa bayan.

watch?v=jwdW4Lh6GywWatch debate here.  🙂

Organizing 101

For the past few weeks, I have been a lazy ass.  Last Saturday, I cut my MCLE attendance to half-day in order to devote my time to the much needed cleaning of my place. Since SM is having their weekend sale, I hit the mall to see if there are good & cheap finds that I might be needing at home. A particular plastic storage that could  fit my shoes and a box with tiny compartments were on sale. I bought them at 10% off from its regular price.  I live in a condo where space is limited, so I have to maximize by  properly organizing my stuffs.

I love shoes, it’s not like I have a countless of them but keeping them  inside their original boxes is an eyesore. The boxes come in different sizes, colors, and styles. I want to sort them in uniform boxes with labels on it. I gathered all the silica gels from the shoe boxes before throwing them away and transferred all my shoes with desiccant to  their new plastic box storage. Here’s the result:

Plastic shoe storage at  P150 for 3 pieces, less 10% off.

On the other hand, I place my caboodle in one box and more often they are all tangled inside. Sometimes,they are scattered randomly on my table or in my drawer. I organized them in a plastic lunchbox type with tiny compartments that could accommodate earrings, rings ,necklaces and even watches separately.  Bought them at P119.75.

I had to let go of the stuffs that I don’t need  and kept those that have sentimental values. They are all inexpensive, and mostly bought from my provincial travels. Instead of buying usual keychain souvenirs, I choose to buy tribal crafts be it bead works, wood works or shell creations to have a keepsake of the local’s intricate artistry.

For the mean time, these plastics will hold my stuffs. So there,  I guess they are happy with their new home .  They look tidy inside my drawer 🙂


Panglao Island, Bohol

It has been two years when we visited  the beautiful Province of Bohol. I feel like blogging about it just the same for the meaningful memory it holds. Two years ago,D and I got back together as couple, naks a little sharing lol! We have decided to travel together for the very first time, to go somewhere in Visayas- Cebu-Bohol Trip.

We booked our Manila-Cebu-Tagbilaran-Manila Trip.  From Cebu City, we traveled to Tagbilaran Port, Bohol through ferry  (oceanjet) for one hour and 30 minutes.  It was summertime, the province was crowded with tourists both foreign and local.

Kids at Tagbilaran Port.

It took us another 25 minutes to reach Panglao, Island and we were billeted at Bohol Divers Resort. The moment we arrived, we wanted to plunge into the waters because even from afar, the clear blue-green waters and the powdery white sand looked so inviting.  It was an all day long beach frolicking under the sun

Inviting view from our room

Aside from the beautiful waters of Bohol, it is also rich in picturesque countryside and historical places. In 1525,  the pack of friendship happened between Datu Sikatuna, the  local chief of Bohol and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, a Spanish conquistador. As a symbol of friendship, both agreed to have a blood compact. As a result, the Spaniards were able to get spices and golds from the island.  A life-size statue depicting the blood compact stands in Taglibaran, Bohol. The sculpture is the art product of Napoleon Abueva, who is also a Boholano.

Baclayon Church: Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

The oldest stone church in the Philippines is the Baclayon Church,  it was established in 1595. A museum stands near the church, that houses antique religious  artifacts and images. There are several  historical churches in Bohol that are equally interesting to visit.

Mangroves in front of Baclayon Church

After our short visit to the church we headed to Loboc River, where we had our buffet lunch on cruise. The barge  stopped at some designated spots to allow the diners watch the locals sing and dance. This is one of the activities that should not be missed when in Bohol.  While on cruise we passed along  lush and  green landscapes.

Loboc River Cruise: Local singers and dancers.

On our way to Carmen to see the  famous Chocolate Hills, we passed by at Bilar Man-made forest.   We were awed by the teeming towering mahogany trees along the road.  According to our tour guide, this forest was a product of nationwide reforestation program of our government in the 60’s. A short stop is a must in this area. Green here and there, it was really awesome and refreshing.

Bilar Man-made forest

Apart from the popular beaches, the province is most known for its  Chocolate Hills, cone-shaped hills covered by green grass that becomes brown in dry season. It is regarded as national geological monument. Truly a wonder.  It was drizzling when we reached the viewpoint but it did not prevent us from leaving these huge kisses.  Chocolate hills is a unique landscape, nowhere in the world but in Bohol.

National Committee on Geological Sciences: “The unique landform known as the chocolate hills of Bohol was formed ages ago by the uplift of coral deposits and the actions of rainwater and erosion.”

A trip is not complete without seeing a tarsier. This little creature is the smallest primate. It could sit comfortably on one’s palm. Their eyes are big with relatively long tail. Unfortunately, these creatures are already endangered, that is why we  should support programs that promote its conservation.

Tarsier at Corrella Tarsier Sacntuary

We finished our countryside tour for a day, it was  well worth that we chose Bohol as our first out-of-town trip. Every stop was amusing.  I am looking forward to coming back in this island. Ganda  talaga ng Bohol!

All photos taken using Sony W55 P&S camera, two years ago.

Pyromusical olympics 2010 -Manila

Last March 14 was the last day of the  first Pyromusical olympics where pyrotechnics, light, and music go hand in hand. The venue was at the Mall of Asia, and spectators who wanted to have a “better view” of the fireworks show were required to pay  in order to have preference of good vantage.

Mall of Asia, photo taken from CCP Breakwaters

To avoid traffic,we decided to watch and take photos at CCP breakwaters near  Coconut palace. Breakwaters in CCP is my favorite vantage to take Manila Bay sundown. People flocked the area to watch the fireworks  but not too many to make it populated.  At around 8:20 pm the fireworks started to erupt from  a barge and illuminate the manila bay waters.

We watched the skies above the Manila Bay light up in a spectacular display of kaleidoscope colors  minus the music that goes with the fireworks. We paid no entrance fee to enjoy the stunning views of the sky show. Philippines hosted the Pyromusical olympics, (featuring our very own Bulacan’s fireworks =p kidding) our display is my favorite of course. The grand finale ended with astounding  blue, yellow and red colors.  All in all it was a spectacular experience.

Cemetery of Negativism- Baguio

Last February, I wrote about a pet cemetery located in Clark airbase, a K-9 cemetery for dogs, established by Americans before they left the US Airforce base in Clark Pampanga. This time I am going share another peculiar cemetery  in Baguio, located in the outlaying area of  Camph Jonh Hay – The cemetery of negativism. This cemetery is another heritage from the Americans in their stay in Baguio City.

I was apprehensive when J told me that we will visit this cemetery. It sounds weird, what I had in mind was some spooky, creepy, and horrible place. It was my first time to know about the historical core inside the Camp John Hay. Historical core include: Cemetery of Negativism, Bells House, and Bell’s Amphitheater.

This is the "welcome" statue in the cemetery.

There are about 16 scattered tombs with humorous  figure on top coupled by intriguing epitaphs evoking witticism.The idea behind negative cemetery is attributed to John Hightower, an American general, who is remarkable because of his leadership style. He empowered  the thoughts of his soldiers to boost their  day-to-day performance, by performing a mock funeral, to bury their negative feelings and to transform it to positive thinking. The essence of this cemetery is  simply  to tells us not to be negaholic. Throw negative vibes and bad experiences,  instead spend more time focusing on the positive things about life.

There is a saying that has found its way to posters : “If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”  ~Mary Engelbreit .  In short, bawal ang negastar!

When you find yourself visiting Camp John Hay, try to find time to explore the area, amuse yourself by visiting the cemetery of negativity. If it happens that you are feeling  nega-star that day- leave and bury them too in this so called cemetery.