Panagbenga 2010: The Parade of Flowers

In 1990, Baguio was significantly damaged by earthquake, as a result the city’s tourism was badly affected.  The history of Panagbenga Festival dates back in 1995, the primary objective of this festival is to revive the tourists to visit Baguio City, after the catastrophic earthquake.

Panagbenga Festival is now on its 15th year, it is very successful and each year the number of visitors increase.  The festival ends on the last weekend of February, sealed by grand parade of colorful floats filled with beautiful flowers, coupled by  graceful street dancing.

After three years of longing to see, I have  finally witnessed  the grand float parade.


4 thoughts on “Panagbenga 2010: The Parade of Flowers

    1. @lantaw find time to visit panagbenga next year, baguio never loses its charm, thanks for the compliment. Your photos are really stunning!

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