2010 Election: Bilog na Hugis Itlog

Copy of sample ballot, downloaded from COMELEC website.

The most anticipated  automated election is coming two months from now, for the very first time Philippines  will say goodbye to mano-mano system of electing local and national leaders.  May the COMELEC successfully implement the full automated election nationwide? Let’s hope against hope that fair, clean, and honest election will be achieved; It’s high time and we Filipinos deserve it.  I am really struggling to set aside my cynicism against COMELEC this time.

As we embrace this modern electoral process, we, the voters should take time to be educated and acquainted with the new system of voting.

I am sure that everybody is familiar with the infomercial “Bilog na Hugis Itlog” by Sexbomb.  If one would internalize the lyrics, the instructions on how to vote  this coming 2010 will help us to prepare ourselves to this new process.

Instructional video: 2010 Automated Election

Aside from the infomercial, it is noteworthy that voter should refrain from making unnecessary markings so as not to render the ballot spoiled.  No folding and refolding because optical scanner may avoid the ballot. Avoid bringing foods and beverages inside the voting precinct, just to ensure that while marking the ballot, ambiguous marks will be prevented. Definitely no smudging and as much as possible take reasonable time to shade, to avoid erasures.

A voter is entitled to one ballot only; COMELEC will not grant a replacement ballot when one makes a mistake in shading his/her ballot.  Take a reasonable time to vote, be wary of mistakes, smudges, folds, erasures, and ambiguous marks. Let us take our  part to attain genuine and trustworthy election.


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