Forest House Bistro and Cafe- Baguio

When I entered the restaurant, I felt it was December.  I could only infer that the owners love Christmas season. I love the log cabin ambiance accentuated by red and green colors.  Everyday is Christmas in this side of the  Baguio city.

Luckily, we had a prior reservation ahead, so that we were able to occupy a space at the al fresco side of the restaurant that offers a good view of mountains,  tall pine trees and  urban scene of Baguio. The restaurant was literally full that day.

Pasta Negro with garlic bread sticks.

It was a feast eating in this place.  Nothing spectacular about the menu because most restaurant offers the same set, however the tastes made Forest Restaurant distinct. I tried their pasta negro as  recommended by J. This weird looking pasta, is stuffed with everything squid. The black “ink” color from the squid adds   salty- umami flavor to the pasta.  I liked it despite its appearance.

Creamy vegetable with mashed potato

Crispy Dinuguan

And how about their smoothies?   Cold, smooth, milky and downright refreshing.

Just one thing that i did not really like in this resto, their food attendants need to be more organized in handling orders and in attending to their customers.

Click for more foods.


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