Manny Villar and Loren Legarda

Loren for VP using Sarah G as endorser:

BOOOO! I love Sarah but not Loren!

Another sure hit political ad:

Hindi Bawal Mangarap ang Mahirap by Baseco and Tondo kiddies.

While watching the ad, I noticed that one of the kiddo looks like Jolina, take a look :

Here’s more of little Jolina , this little one looks pleasant by the way.

Little Jolens, do you agree? =p


3 thoughts on “Manny Villar and Loren Legarda

  1. i used to like legarda when during her early days at the senate. i got turned-off when she associated with fpj and then just before this year’s elections where she kind of like put herself in the market for VP.

  2. si sarah naman lahat ine-endorse. sana matupad na yung latest law na lahat ng artista na mag-eendorse ng candidate ay di pwede lumabas sa tv habang campaign period. tingan natin kung may mag-endorse pa sa kanila. hihi

  3. @scud loren cannot accept the fact that her “glorious” days is over! mag showbiz na lang sya kaya, her role being tita-titahan or mommmy.

    @ching agree! dapat mas strict ang COMELEC sa issue na to. i feel na kahit hindi naman naniniwala yung arista sa candidate, endorse ng endorse para lang kumita ng pesoses =p

    Thanks for dropping by =)

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