Cemetery of Negativism- Baguio

Last February, I wrote about a pet cemetery located in Clark airbase, a K-9 cemetery for dogs, established by Americans before they left the US Airforce base in Clark Pampanga. This time I am going share another peculiar cemetery  in Baguio, located in the outlaying area of  Camph Jonh Hay – The cemetery of negativism. This cemetery is another heritage from the Americans in their stay in Baguio City.

I was apprehensive when J told me that we will visit this cemetery. It sounds weird, what I had in mind was some spooky, creepy, and horrible place. It was my first time to know about the historical core inside the Camp John Hay. Historical core include: Cemetery of Negativism, Bells House, and Bell’s Amphitheater.

This is the "welcome" statue in the cemetery.

There are about 16 scattered tombs with humorous  figure on top coupled by intriguing epitaphs evoking witticism.The idea behind negative cemetery is attributed to John Hightower, an American general, who is remarkable because of his leadership style. He empowered  the thoughts of his soldiers to boost their  day-to-day performance, by performing a mock funeral, to bury their negative feelings and to transform it to positive thinking. The essence of this cemetery is  simply  to tells us not to be negaholic. Throw negative vibes and bad experiences,  instead spend more time focusing on the positive things about life.

There is a saying that has found its way to posters : “If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”  ~Mary Engelbreit .  In short, bawal ang negastar!

When you find yourself visiting Camp John Hay, try to find time to explore the area, amuse yourself by visiting the cemetery of negativity. If it happens that you are feeling  nega-star that day- leave and bury them too in this so called cemetery.


3 thoughts on “Cemetery of Negativism- Baguio

  1. wow! i never knew that this cemetery exists in Baguio. thanks for featuring this…now i have a new reason to re-visit it. by the way, what’s with the Bell’s House and Ampitheatre?

  2. I was here today Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012 and was thrilled fascinated to learn that things like cemetery for animals, negativism exist here in our country, unusual spots that raised my level of awareness. My heartfelt gratitude to the author of this site. nick071438

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