Pyromusical olympics 2010 -Manila

Last March 14 was the last day of the  first Pyromusical olympics where pyrotechnics, light, and music go hand in hand. The venue was at the Mall of Asia, and spectators who wanted to have a “better view” of the fireworks show were required to pay  in order to have preference of good vantage.

Mall of Asia, photo taken from CCP Breakwaters

To avoid traffic,we decided to watch and take photos at CCP breakwaters near  Coconut palace. Breakwaters in CCP is my favorite vantage to take Manila Bay sundown. People flocked the area to watch the fireworks  but not too many to make it populated.  At around 8:20 pm the fireworks started to erupt from  a barge and illuminate the manila bay waters.

We watched the skies above the Manila Bay light up in a spectacular display of kaleidoscope colors  minus the music that goes with the fireworks. We paid no entrance fee to enjoy the stunning views of the sky show. Philippines hosted the Pyromusical olympics, (featuring our very own Bulacan’s fireworks =p kidding) our display is my favorite of course. The grand finale ended with astounding  blue, yellow and red colors.  All in all it was a spectacular experience.


7 thoughts on “Pyromusical olympics 2010 -Manila

  1. Hi! Beautiful fireworks shots! 🙂 Too bad I missed this, last day na pala last March 14.. 😦

    ‘Posted a reply re. the Taiwan trip. Just let me know if you have other questions. It was my first time to go to Taiwan, so it wasn’t exactly the most efficient, budget-friendly trip. Hehe.

    ‘Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Happy shooting! 🙂

  2. @lianner thanks a lot for taking time to answer my taiwan queries=) and for dropping by. Happy shooting too, small world din pala 🙂 your pre-nup for anna and erwin was wonderful galing!

  3. amazing! i love fireworks too. and i agree. magaling ang RP dispay. yung iba parang walang drama. eh pyromusical nga. hihi

    btw, i work in MoA area lang. Ü

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