Panglao Island, Bohol

It has been two years when we visited  the beautiful Province of Bohol. I feel like blogging about it just the same for the meaningful memory it holds. Two years ago,D and I got back together as couple, naks a little sharing lol! We have decided to travel together for the very first time, to go somewhere in Visayas- Cebu-Bohol Trip.

We booked our Manila-Cebu-Tagbilaran-Manila Trip.  From Cebu City, we traveled to Tagbilaran Port, Bohol through ferry  (oceanjet) for one hour and 30 minutes.  It was summertime, the province was crowded with tourists both foreign and local.

Kids at Tagbilaran Port.

It took us another 25 minutes to reach Panglao, Island and we were billeted at Bohol Divers Resort. The moment we arrived, we wanted to plunge into the waters because even from afar, the clear blue-green waters and the powdery white sand looked so inviting.  It was an all day long beach frolicking under the sun

Inviting view from our room

Aside from the beautiful waters of Bohol, it is also rich in picturesque countryside and historical places. In 1525,  the pack of friendship happened between Datu Sikatuna, the  local chief of Bohol and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, a Spanish conquistador. As a symbol of friendship, both agreed to have a blood compact. As a result, the Spaniards were able to get spices and golds from the island.  A life-size statue depicting the blood compact stands in Taglibaran, Bohol. The sculpture is the art product of Napoleon Abueva, who is also a Boholano.

Baclayon Church: Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

The oldest stone church in the Philippines is the Baclayon Church,  it was established in 1595. A museum stands near the church, that houses antique religious  artifacts and images. There are several  historical churches in Bohol that are equally interesting to visit.

Mangroves in front of Baclayon Church

After our short visit to the church we headed to Loboc River, where we had our buffet lunch on cruise. The barge  stopped at some designated spots to allow the diners watch the locals sing and dance. This is one of the activities that should not be missed when in Bohol.  While on cruise we passed along  lush and  green landscapes.

Loboc River Cruise: Local singers and dancers.

On our way to Carmen to see the  famous Chocolate Hills, we passed by at Bilar Man-made forest.   We were awed by the teeming towering mahogany trees along the road.  According to our tour guide, this forest was a product of nationwide reforestation program of our government in the 60’s. A short stop is a must in this area. Green here and there, it was really awesome and refreshing.

Bilar Man-made forest

Apart from the popular beaches, the province is most known for its  Chocolate Hills, cone-shaped hills covered by green grass that becomes brown in dry season. It is regarded as national geological monument. Truly a wonder.  It was drizzling when we reached the viewpoint but it did not prevent us from leaving these huge kisses.  Chocolate hills is a unique landscape, nowhere in the world but in Bohol.

National Committee on Geological Sciences: “The unique landform known as the chocolate hills of Bohol was formed ages ago by the uplift of coral deposits and the actions of rainwater and erosion.”

A trip is not complete without seeing a tarsier. This little creature is the smallest primate. It could sit comfortably on one’s palm. Their eyes are big with relatively long tail. Unfortunately, these creatures are already endangered, that is why we  should support programs that promote its conservation.

Tarsier at Corrella Tarsier Sacntuary

We finished our countryside tour for a day, it was  well worth that we chose Bohol as our first out-of-town trip. Every stop was amusing.  I am looking forward to coming back in this island. Ganda  talaga ng Bohol!

All photos taken using Sony W55 P&S camera, two years ago.

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