Organizing 101

For the past few weeks, I have been a lazy ass.  Last Saturday, I cut my MCLE attendance to half-day in order to devote my time to the much needed cleaning of my place. Since SM is having their weekend sale, I hit the mall to see if there are good & cheap finds that I might be needing at home. A particular plastic storage that could  fit my shoes and a box with tiny compartments were on sale. I bought them at 10% off from its regular price.  I live in a condo where space is limited, so I have to maximize by  properly organizing my stuffs.

I love shoes, it’s not like I have a countless of them but keeping them  inside their original boxes is an eyesore. The boxes come in different sizes, colors, and styles. I want to sort them in uniform boxes with labels on it. I gathered all the silica gels from the shoe boxes before throwing them away and transferred all my shoes with desiccant to  their new plastic box storage. Here’s the result:

Plastic shoe storage at  P150 for 3 pieces, less 10% off.

On the other hand, I place my caboodle in one box and more often they are all tangled inside. Sometimes,they are scattered randomly on my table or in my drawer. I organized them in a plastic lunchbox type with tiny compartments that could accommodate earrings, rings ,necklaces and even watches separately.  Bought them at P119.75.

I had to let go of the stuffs that I don’t need  and kept those that have sentimental values. They are all inexpensive, and mostly bought from my provincial travels. Instead of buying usual keychain souvenirs, I choose to buy tribal crafts be it bead works, wood works or shell creations to have a keepsake of the local’s intricate artistry.

For the mean time, these plastics will hold my stuffs. So there,  I guess they are happy with their new home .  They look tidy inside my drawer 🙂


13 thoughts on “Organizing 101

  1. Oh, I adore your organized stuff. i have some clutter everywhere, and I’m thinking of hitting the mall too for some boxes. I like those shoe boxes, hopefully they’re still on sale.

  2. Oh gush my eyes popped out when I see those beautiful shoes you’ve got. Baka may plan kang mag garage sale let me know at ako unang customer mo ^_^. I also like those abubot ang ganda ha, napaka organize mo naman envious ako. ^_^ Thanks sa bisita I do appreciate it!

  3. Great way to organize your shoes and accessories. Buti nalang merong mga plastic boxes. You are so lucky to grab those 3 in 1 price boxes for your shoes. 🙂 t

    Happy LP!

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