Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court

Books piled on my table summons my attention to read them. I took  advantage of my long weekend break to try  to finish my affair with them.

Edmond Rostand’s romantic work Cyrano de Bergerac never fails to amuse me. It’s one of my favorite. I was feeling sullen last Thursday, and funny that I chose to reread Cyrano . And yes, I ended up feeling more melancholic.  Talk about love and its complexities. Sometimes love is not all about happy endings.

Nina Garcia’s The little Black Book of Style and The  Style Strategy  are sure hit and useful for me. I am no fashion expert, so I thank her for  the tips and basics about clothes, shoes, accessories, and her emphasis on finding  our own tailor =p.  As a result, I’m now in search for that right person to bespoke my clothes =)

Someone Cares by Helen Rice Steiner and Praying  Through Life’s problems are gifts from my sister. The former is a collection of poems and the latter is a collection of inspirational essays. They are both inspirational and comforting. Very timely for lent.

Okay, perhaps the most interesting among them all is the Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court by Marites Danguilan-Vitug. Being a mosa, I want to know why  the book is controversial.

Why so-called controversial?

1. Publishers and financiers have backed out because the book is “too hot to handle”. It tackle sensitive issues pertaining to the Supreme Court.

2. Marites Vitug, the author, according to news, has received death threats after the successful release of her book.  Watch news here.

3. National Bookstore refused to carry the book in their stores. – Btw, I bought mine at Fully Booked in Rockwell, I asked for the paperback but their customer representative told  me : “sold out na po, hardbound na lang”, he even added, “kame lang po ang matapang na naglabas sa controversial na book na yan”. My silent reaction? naks =p

The book is indeed fearless, provocative, and  controversial. It makes some strong allegations against notable supreme court justices. The book seeks to reveal the manipulation of court processes by the Magistrates; how culture works inside the Supreme court. I must admit that in one sitting, I was glued reading  pages after pages. Wow! ang tapang talaga ng author. I found pleasure reading the book but I also have my reservations.  The book tells so much about our present Supreme Court Justice Reynato Puno- two  chapters  (pages145-192) are  exclusively devoted about him: The Chameleon and Puno’s Quest.

On page 173 of her book, Vitug wrote ” His [CJPuno] has been a two-chambered personality: one is where his lofty principles stay, and the other where personal interests reside, and neither collides with the other”.

Again, I say the book is fearless.


4 thoughts on “Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court

  1. Been wanting to read the book, too! I’m very curious! 🙂 Thank you for your visit and thank you for the comment! Will link you up, ayt? Love your pictures, btw 🙂

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