Makati and Manila: These streets will make you feel brand new

During the lent, I was wandering around the metro and it was so frustrating that major establishments were closed. The  bustling thoroughfares on normal days were  unbelievably clear and silent. Due to the population scarcity on those days, I took advantage to roam around Makati and Manila. Here’s where I have been to 😉

Graffiti walls along Reposo St. Makati

Reposo street in Makati – touted as the art center in our country’s central business district. Art galleries are ubiquitous in the area. The most popular are Alliance Francaise de Manille which hold art events and exhibitions and LRI design Plaza, a one stop shop for art decos and one of  a kind furniture.

The walls along the street are entirely devoted for graffiti paintings.  Unlike the usual hip- hop graffiti found under the pasig river bridge, the graffiti  in Makati are colorful and lively. The images are reaching out a strong social messages to the people from all walks of life.  One wall delivers a message about caring and preserving our trees . It requires no entrance fee to treat our eyes with visual feasts.

Sidewalk musicians

Then I  moved to Malate  district. Juggling the street is probably no ordinary for sidewalk musicians.  They spent their lives on the streets with their guitar, flute and improvised speaker. They entertain us with their music. Thousands of people pass them  by on a daily basis, and since we are all busy minding our own, they remain unnoticed. We sometimes acknowledge them,  a quick glance then we head  toward our own destinations. Most of the times,  we drop a coin  because we  pity  them for  their undeserved misfortune.

Roxas Boulevard

Of course, I did not dare to miss Roxas Boulevard, the sun had set by then  and the boulevard is illuminated by bright and colorful street lights. It’s this stunning street  that takes  me through vision of Manila by night. I found a spot to sit on a ledge and closely observed the surroundings. I have noticed that the boulevard is a lovers venue , moreover a haven for runners and joggers.

It was getting late, slowly people were abandoning the area, an old man in front of me stretched his body on a bench  calling it a good night. Roxas Boulevard was empty, bright and peaceful.

That day I found myself everywhere. I was sure I had my fair share of slices of life in the metro.

I’m glad.


9 thoughts on “Makati and Manila: These streets will make you feel brand new

  1. nice shots!
    i love those murals along reposo, they usually change it every so often. minsan pa nga may theme.
    there is this little mural along jupiter street at the back of the gov’t offices. kaaliw din mga murals dun. more of pambata…like animated germs and sea creatures. hehe!

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