SATC 2 – Carrie Bradshaw’s Home

SATC I am woman

Yes! despite the negative reviews over the internet, I still love SATC 2.  I will never be disappointed because i just love everything about SATC from series to the two movies. SATC2 focused more on style, on travel, and interior design. I love love the interior of  Carrie and Big’s new home, I am equally inlove with the  new look and feel  of her old apartment. I searched for its  photos, because I am considering to have my unit decorated inspired by SATC theme. It’s the visual representation of what I actually want in my unit.

Here’s what I have found 😉

The vintage armchair is so fab! and the ruffled light blue ottoman too;-)

pictures from:

Also, I enjoyed the interiors of Abu Dhabi Hotel, where the 4 girls stayed. Can’t get enough, I’ll probably watch it again later, because style over substance is not an issue to me 😉

Lastly, I enjoyed the “I am woman” rendition of the girls!


3 thoughts on “SATC 2 – Carrie Bradshaw’s Home

  1. I actually enjoyed the first movie more. That was heartfelt. Well, I love these girls kahit pa my fine lines and wrinkles na sila. Im a FAN! ♥

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