Happy {weekend}

happy weekend 😉 what are you all up this weekend? i hope you have a wonderful one. today i went out from bed late. i DREAM of going to someplace full of pine trees and i long for freezing temperature sans rain shower.  i would just laze around, prolly reading  a good book. then  i’ll go to some rustic restaurant  to enjoy  some delicious food. pamper myself with traditional filipino hilot.  can’t get any better than that.

my REAL weekend would consists of cleaning, cooking, movie date, drop by at a cosmetic fair, some retail shopping too 😉 and then visit my former flat neighbors to bid them good luck on their 2nd sunday bar exam.

whatever is in store for you today have a great day ahead!

Heima’s happy accent chairs

aside from work, i am engrossed on reading home magazines, and during weekends, i loiter to different home accessories and  furniture hubs all the way from greenbelt to quiapo ilalim. of course dapitan arcade included. last week i went to lri design in makati, then i tagged my mom to tiendesitas thereafter. hoping that she’ll buy the the dining table i have been meaning to have. scouting items to bring in to my abode is something that i really need to do especially when i am on a budget. for the past months, i am very eager to renovate and design my humble abode, all i do is to scout, scout, and scout where on earth will i find the perfect item to match my tiny condo. taking into account my home theme: shabby chic. my aim is to achieve a relaxing and casual atmosphere making use of soft touch, light and neutral colors.

one of the stores inside LRI building is a strikingly unconventional furniture shop called heima. it has a collection of colorful accent chairs, wall art, and the cutest home accessories. the entire shop evokes happiness. i would love to transport each and every item from their store to my house, but that is jut a wish as of the moment 😉 beautiful items sold in this store are also handsomely priced.

so here take a look at what heima has to offer.

wall art

lovely accent chair

if the accent chairs above are too pricey for one’s budget, perhaps consider buying these tiny chairs?


LRI Plaza N. Garcia St. ( formerly Reposo) Bel Air II, Makati

Heima has also a branch located at  Cubao Expo, Cubao QC.

Gracious Host, Awesome Company, most of all Sumptuous Lunch

Thank you Jan for inviting us to take part on your foodbuzz 24×24 project.

table setting . i love the details.

juice station

tropical shrimp ceviche

clam soup

baked chicken adobo

bagnet ensalada

banana cream

blueberry cheesecake shot

fresh dalandan

dalandan juice

tea and coffee

Amazing isn’t?  Chef  Jan prepared all of these 😉 Thank you so much 😉

great food + friends = happiness

it was my pleasure to be invited 😉

Hello world!

back to regular blogging. honestly i can’t even recall how to post photos from flickr to wordpress, thank you thelostrays. i just thought of posting these lovely and fresh flowers from dangwa. i feel energized by just staring at them. i need this to start my week right 😉 oh  how lovely.

thanks by the way for visiting my site despite my online absence for quite a while 😉