Happy {weekend}

happy weekend 😉 what are you all up this weekend? i hope you have a wonderful one. today i went out from bed late. i DREAM of going to someplace full of pine trees and i long for freezing temperature sans rain shower.  i would just laze around, prolly reading  a good book. then  i’ll go to some rustic restaurant  to enjoy  some delicious food. pamper myself with traditional filipino hilot.  can’t get any better than that.

my REAL weekend would consists of cleaning, cooking, movie date, drop by at a cosmetic fair, some retail shopping too 😉 and then visit my former flat neighbors to bid them good luck on their 2nd sunday bar exam.

whatever is in store for you today have a great day ahead!


One thought on “Happy {weekend}

  1. yeah i just imagine myself with your REAL weekend thing. feels very relaxing nga. more relaxing than out of town getaways.
    anyway, if you know hotel discounts or promos, let me know. gusto ko din matry to, hindi puro travels. thanks!

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