Gone for Deer Hunting in Camarines Sur

one  of my longest provincial vacation was spent  in two of bicol’s promising provinces: camarines sur and albay.  i planned my trip into these provinces mainly because i wanted to see the majestic mt. mayon and to try wakeboarding . but more than  mt. mayon and water sports, i was surprised of what i had found out about these places, matters that i will be sharing with you in my bicol trip series.

here’s sharing my first installment :

The Deer Farm

we need not go to the wilderness to see herds of deers, the deer farm in ocampo camarines sur is set in the tranquil surroundings at the foot of mt. isarog. we arrived at the farm around noon, a little later than we intended. a few steps from the farm gate was truly a wondrous scene -bucks and does grazing and running  everywhere on scenic valley.

thrilled to feed bambi, i picked corn stalks from the ground and stepped closer to him but he ran away so fast. bambi was perhaps intimadated and hessitant. it was a chasing game, i had to run with him too so i could take a photo of him.

“The deer farm is entirely stocked with different species of Australian deer such as Blackbuck Antelope, Fallow Deer, Chital Deer, Red Deer, Elk, and local deer such as the Philippine deer. Owned by the Camarines Sur government, it was started in 1996 with only 60 heads of five species from Australia. The number has now multiplied to over 300 heads.”

source: CWC website.


4 thoughts on “Gone for Deer Hunting in Camarines Sur

  1. really, deers in the open? ang galing naman.
    di ba usa yan sa tagalog? i remember when i was young, hinabol ako nyan.. iyak ako ng iyak sa takot habang tumatakbo. eh sympre mahaba yung binti nya, naabutan nya ko. very bad memory..

    1. hi chyng 😉 up deers in the open, usa in tagalog, yung version natin dito sa pinas pilandok ba? hahaha ewan ko. naku pag nagpunta ka dun hindi ka hahabulin kundi ikaw ang maghahabol sa kanila. kaya its pay back time pag naisipan mo punta dun sila naman ang hahabulin mo 😉

  2. We’ll be in Caramoan this Christmas break, how far away is it from there? And since it is owned by the provincial government, I wonder if they can arrange this for us as well? I’m looking forward to your account of Camarines sur. 🙂

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