Balay Cena Una Restaurant – Daraga, Albay

gloomy weather prevented me to see mt. mayon for three days . on my last day in albay,  i already gave in to the idea of  not being able to see the famous volcano.  instead of waiting patiently at la mia taza for the clouds to clear up , i walked around legazpi city public market to find fresh pili fruits and some bags made of abaca too. inside the bag store,  i overheard some local tourists  raving about balay cena una restaurant. i instantly googled “balay cena una” on my phone. hmm there were few hits but with positive reviews.  so there,  i found myself asking the tricycle driver to bring me to old daraga district luckily he knows where balay cena una is situated.

Balay Cena Una is an old spanish-filipino house turned into a restaurant. Its interiors are impressive, each and every decorative piece are tastefully put together.

Unassuming facade of Balay Cena Una Restaurant on the street of Daraga, Albay.

intimate setting ;p

so apt for family eat out dinner/lunch

how about the food? BCU did not disappoint my hungry stomach.

Pako salad. I have never eaten pako, curiosity made me try for this dish. it turned out to b okay for my taste.

my personal favorite: laing pasta.

this dish surely sealed my albay gastronomic adventure. i was really happy that i found my way to this resto.


cheesecake of course

did i just make you hungry with this post? ;p


Bicol Trip:  Albay Province 2010

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2011 HAB festival

another great  HAB experience.

this year to make it different, i planned to attend the hot air balloon festival early in the morning on a weekday to  avoid crowd and take advantage great morning weather. still, despite leaving  Manila at around 4 i was not able to make it on time. balloons were already up  as i was entering the clarkfield main gate.  i  felt like a child enjoying the full view of the colorful balloons flying on air.

so here’s sharing some colorful photos, my first post for 2011 haha ;p


i need to rush to HAB field ;p

it felt so good capping off  my awful workweek  with lively colors and pleasant weather. oh so lovely day it was.


2011  Hot Air Balloon Festival

Feb. 10-13, 2011

Clarkfield, Pampanga