Singapore in essence

Street scene in Chinatown

 Little India, Chinatown and Kampong Glam, these are three ethnic quarters, I consider as the truest Singapore attraction. It is in these places where one can see the tangible trace of  Singapore’s roots of colorful history, culture and religion. Each quarter has its own unique vibe, which I’m sure one will love when visiting the tiny Republic of Singapore.

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Universal Studios Singapore: Lah! happy times

I spent 4 glorious days in the land of Merlion together with awesome people Vida, Chelle-Bert, Nica, and Joyce.  One of the highlight of this trip is to experience  Universal Studios. USS is relatively small theme park divided into park sections.  I got around the entire  place for about ten times during the day.  It was memorable because we all had fun under the sun and rain (yes it rained so hard in the afternoon).  The entire day was all about rides, watching plays/stunt street shows, laughter and of course pictures ;p

Chelle and Vida can’t get enough of battlestar gallactica!

LAH! Happy times!

Hollywood Boulevard where I got the chance to meet and greet:

I truly enjoyed Waterworld, we chose front row seats so that we will be able to witness the real stunts up close, gun shots and explosions! the booms and the bangs followed by big water splash!  hell yeah it was FUN despite being watered . I kept my camera covered with plastic the during the entire  show.  I managed to snap some shots when I was sure there were no more “audience watering”.

Next to my favorite  was the Lights Camera Action by Steven Spielberg.  Are you curious how thrilling special effects are incorporated on a film?  Try not to miss this when visiting USS 😉

We capped our USS day with a memorable jump shot!our way of saying LAH! good times ;p More Photos click.