Happy Trails was created as part of my personal cause to promote local tourism. I am obsessed with the concepts of travel, food, fashion,visual arts,  and music.

I am involved in two disciplines : Tourism and Law. I am a tourism professional, I took up this course in college because of the encouragement of my mother, coupled by my passion of traveling. I really thought that I will be focusing more in my career as a tourism professional until I found myself enrolling in law school. Driven by my childhood dreams and being a doting daughter to my dad, I heeded his advice to become  a lawyer.

I am not much of a complainer and am very much in-love with life. Each day is a blessing. I jump out of bed every morning, looking forward to a brand new day. When I am not working, I devote my time traveling and exploring foods

I am very private and simple person but in no case that I’ll be settling for mediocrity. I love fine things. I adore people who are humble and of indisputable probity.

Thanks for visiting my site.  Let me share with you my happy trails. =)

Hope to hear from you 😉

13 thoughts on “About

  1. hey! i was looking through your entries and i’m impressed. you take very nice photos and most of your entries are unique. saw a lot of new things to discover. keep it up!

  2. hello cha!

    nice site.. be back to read more .. and yes, i love the pics.

    twas great to see you at hyatt last fri. 🙂

  3. @mona hello sis 😉 t’was nice to see you, super kalog ka pa din as ever, kita ulit tayo sa eleksyon haha;-)

  4. thank you for all those amazing photos..mkes me homesick its been years …i am from lagawe the town before you reach banaue..you should see Batad it’s inncredibly beutiful.

  5. @celly hi thanks for dropping by, yes, i should see batad 😉 btw, i have yet to explore kiangan and lagawe too, been to your hometown but that was when i was in highschool pa 😉

  6. Hello there, fellow wanderlust 🙂 I hope you can also include in your itinerary the rock formations in my province, Northern Samar. I’m sure that being a travel enthusiast you will enjoy it, too. I hope you won’t mind, I’m leaving a link here to my blog posts about the rock formations: http://nortehanon.com/?cat=79

    Thanks, Cha. Hope you can visit Northern Samar someday 🙂 God bless!

  7. Hi there,
    Wonder if it’s possible for us to feature your Bataan/Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar article and great photos in our community newspaper here in our area in Ontario, Canada. Please let us know if we can republish a few photos from your website, with your name and site as our source.
    Thanking you in advance,
    Best regards,
    Ditas Carpio

  8. Good evening this is Winxel, program researcher of Brigada, Ms Jessica Soho’s show in GMANews TV. We are currently doing a story about Escolta and in line with this we are hoping you can grant us permission for free usage of your old picture of Capitol Records. We apologize for the urgent request but the episode will air tomorrow evening. We will put “Credits to: https://tracesofwanderlust.wordpress.com/” whenever the picture is being used. We’re hoping for your positive feedback. You can reach us thru our program’s email address brigada@gmanetwork.com thank you very much!

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