Trader’s Latitude : Vday 2010

February 14 is a day of national love celebration. We wanted to make a special celebration for our nth year Vday. To choose where to spend our Vday is tasking, we spent enormous amount of time searching over the internet on where to celebrate. All restaurants and hotels  came up with  unique  valentine packages; some are budget friendly, some are incredibly exorbitant! Say for instance, Manila Hotel, its management came up with a whopping amount of 1.4 million pesos-es for “over the top package”- just for one night!

One of the promising package that caught our attention is “With Strings Attached” at Latitude restaurant in Traders Hotel. A promise of dinner buffet, a complimentary bottle of wine, while being serenaded  by a three-piece acoustic ensemble.  Traders is around three blocks away from my place, so traffic would not be a problem.

When we arrived at Latitude, we thought that it was exactly what we wanted: good food, a place where we can be together, where we can be entertained.  The restaurant is filled with families and couples alike. Love songs played added to the romantic ambiance of the restaurant.

The buffet offers  no  grand selection of international dishes  but food is exquisite  and succulent. Fast service and cordial staffs.  Restaurant’s interior is tastefully adorned.


We had a pleasant bonding together, endless stories and laughter, a groovy kind of  valentine celebration.  Latitude is worth coming back. All thanks to D. =)

Escolta: Old Manila Flashback in Photographs

Escolta was once the seat of financial district in Manila. During the post colonial era and pre war in Manila, Escolata was marked by  beauty and splendor. The high-end  fashionable shops and department stores were located here. It was reputed as the place for shopping of the rich.

Fashionable women along Escolta Street.

To have a glimpses of the once opulent place, I visited the Escolta Museum, inside Calvo Building, along Escolta Street.

Calvo Building

The museum is found  at the second floor of the building. There are two rooms displaying vintage bottle collections, old photographs, and copies of revolutionary newspapers . Entrance fee is 50 pesos per person, according to the curator, most of the visitors are foreigners. The existence of the Museum is not known to many locals.
Entrance to the Museum

Inside the Museum

The vintage bottles are uncommon, their designs and colors express the sophistication and ingenuity of the glassmaker’s art.  These bottles connect us with history by providing us insight to the ways of commerce : marketing and advertising.

Newspaper advertisements are also exhibited on the bulletin boards. The content of these papers reflect the life and soul of the community pre war era.  Because of these papers, today’s generation is given a greater level of understanding of how was life during pre-war. The revolutionary newspapers also give context to the lives of those who lived 100 years  before us.

The collections are very educating. I admire the  extremely valuable contribution of the people who are behind the creation of Escolta Museum : Escolta Commercial Association, Inc.

After visiting the museum, I had a leisurely walk along the street of Escolta. Interestingly, just across Calvo building,  the Capitol Theater still stands to date, although already closed to public.   The building was designed by National Artist Juan Nakpil.

Heading straight from Capitol Theater led me to Pasig River Cruise station. I took  some snaps of the Manila Post Office from there, since the view is unobstracted. Manila Post Office is located at Plaza Lawton, at the foot of Santa Cruz Bridge.

I ended my Escolta exploration by having savory pancit lomi and fried chicken at Savory Restaurant.


Another worthy Manila trip.

Go Greek in Makati

Here’s my another food expose: Go Greek in Glorietta 4, Makati. It was sometime last week of December last year when I came to know about Go Greek from my officemate. I did checked it out and tried what was in store.

The restaurant offers mousakka, kebab, gyro, and lemon chicken to name a  few. I am fond of their lamb kebab platter. The kebab platter consists of a choice of either potato or rice, kebab, and green salads. The price is incredibly reasonable since their servings are huge.

Kebab (Lamb) Platter

Mixed Shawarma

This week, me and my officemates went back to Go Greek, not just once but twice! This time I ordered their lambchop platter. Did I mention that I am trying to cut  a little of my food intake? Food has been my major activity since December. This budget friendly restaurant that offers fresh greek meal is just so irresistible. For a fleeting moment, I forgot I am on a diet.

CYMA Restaurant Greenbelt

It was a one fine holiday, we were suppose to be enjoying our free day, yet work gets in the way. What  better way to compensate ourselves aside from the 200%  rate of  basic salary for the holiday work rendered , is to have a great luncheon. Atty. Jan suggested that we go to Cyma Restaurant located at Greenbelt 2.

Cyma is one of the greek restaurants here in the Metro that offers one of the most complete collections of greek dishes. We did have a celebratory meals! We had a holiday that comes with the whole package of great greek food  and conversation that can go all afternoon.

Greek foods are full of spices, flavourful, and bold. 

Mezedes Combination: Pikilia

Pita Bread

Cyma Pasta

Greek Chicken Adobo

Opa moments! Food satisfaction guaranteed!

Sizzling Pepper Steak

Mix, Turn, and Sizzle.

One usual Sunday spent at Harbor Square in CCP led us to Sizzling Pepper Steak Restaurant. We frequently hang out at Harbor Square during Sunday night, especially after attending mass at Malate Church. I was surprise to see a new restaurant in the premises. What used to be  Singkit Restaurant in now Sizzling Pepper Steak.

The restaurant distincts itself in the manner of ordering the food. The server will leave a slip the moment the diner  seats. The slip provides for an itemized menu, and the diner will choose the item/s and he will write  his order/s on the same slip. Once done, he will turn the Moo-Flip from Stop red to Moove Green; and then a prompt server will attend to the  diner’s order.

I dined at Sizzling Pepper once at Glorietta 5 with my officemates, I ordered their beef pepper rice and corn soup.  This time I tried their Pork Pepper Rice, still with corn soup. If we talk about their corn soup, I loved it for being creamy and tasty.

The thinly sliced pork flavored with japanese pepper and rice are placed on a patented hot plate system. One must flip the meat on the other side while it is hot in order to cook the meat evenly. Mix it with pepper rice, and opt to add the sauce of your choice. The taste is just right, juicy and tender. The serving is enough to satisfy a person on a diet but definitely is not for one who has a big apetite.

In an effort to satisty their customers, they came up with a “production number”. When our foods were served, the waiters gathered themselves into group and started to dance the popular dance sensation these days: Nobody, Nobody but you by Wondergirls. I enjoyed watching their dance, while enjoying my food too.