LP: Soothsayers in Quiapo

Soothsayers who claim to have a psychic power to unfold the future surround Quiapo Church.  Patrons come by to Quiapo to consult about: love relationships, marriage, jobs, health and possibility of going aborad.

Catholic priests and ministers discourage fortune-telling; it is in  fact violative to catholic teachings. Given that,  many are still  willing to pay 1oo pesos  for a fleeting thirty minutes of tarot and palm reading. Some desperate take the word of the soothsayer as a gospel truth. Perhaps they are too vulnerable or emotionally incapable to deal with their real issues.  They need an easy way to find answers to their trials and tribulations.

Reading people’s lives has already become an industry outside the church;  The proliferation of these soothsayers are unstoppable, they will continue to exist as long as there is someone whose willing to be fooled.  Truth is, there is really no way to peek ahead of the future. Precogs, psychics, palm reader, soothsayers,  however they are called  – fact is they really don’t know how things will turn out ahead of time . Simply unreliable and untrue.

Organizing 101

For the past few weeks, I have been a lazy ass.  Last Saturday, I cut my MCLE attendance to half-day in order to devote my time to the much needed cleaning of my place. Since SM is having their weekend sale, I hit the mall to see if there are good & cheap finds that I might be needing at home. A particular plastic storage that could  fit my shoes and a box with tiny compartments were on sale. I bought them at 10% off from its regular price.  I live in a condo where space is limited, so I have to maximize by  properly organizing my stuffs.

I love shoes, it’s not like I have a countless of them but keeping them  inside their original boxes is an eyesore. The boxes come in different sizes, colors, and styles. I want to sort them in uniform boxes with labels on it. I gathered all the silica gels from the shoe boxes before throwing them away and transferred all my shoes with desiccant to  their new plastic box storage. Here’s the result:

Plastic shoe storage at  P150 for 3 pieces, less 10% off.

On the other hand, I place my caboodle in one box and more often they are all tangled inside. Sometimes,they are scattered randomly on my table or in my drawer. I organized them in a plastic lunchbox type with tiny compartments that could accommodate earrings, rings ,necklaces and even watches separately.  Bought them at P119.75.

I had to let go of the stuffs that I don’t need  and kept those that have sentimental values. They are all inexpensive, and mostly bought from my provincial travels. Instead of buying usual keychain souvenirs, I choose to buy tribal crafts be it bead works, wood works or shell creations to have a keepsake of the local’s intricate artistry.

For the mean time, these plastics will hold my stuffs. So there,  I guess they are happy with their new home .  They look tidy inside my drawer 🙂

LP 95: Kalikasan

Ang magandang tanawin na handog ng kalikasan : ilog, bundok, at mga berdeng pananim. Napakagandang mamasyal at magmuni muni sa ganitong paraiso hindi ba?

Dito sariwa ang hangin, sariwa din ang mga bagong pitas na kamatis at talong na uulamin, gayon din ang sariwang tilapia na galing sa ilog.

Ang nakamamanghang tanawin ng ating kalikasan ay sadyang hindi matatawaran.

Subalit ngayon, nagdadanas tayo ng matinding init sanhi ng el nino, mayroon na ding krisis sa tubig, kritikal na din ang level ng  mga dam dito sa Luzon, nakakabahala na ang tag tuyot na klima natin ngayon. Ang ating mga magsasaka ay ang pinaka apektado dahil hindi na sapat ang tubig upang supplayan kanilang  ang mga panamim. Ang pinka mainit na temperatura sa ating bansa ay mararanasan  ngayon Marso, Abril at Mayo. Nakakabahala. Gayun pa man, hope springs eternal wika nga. Sana ay malampasan natin ang panibagong krisis na hinaharap.

Happy LP!

(LP: 89) Staycation, I like!


Harbor Square, CCP Manila

One of the most exciting activities to do in life is travelling or out-of-town trips.  Who would not want to travel places? For me it is the best cure to de-stress from our mundane day-to-day activities.  Another “gone for a weekend” trip for family, husband and wife, girlfriends and boyfriends, relatives, and  barkadas is an opportunity to rekindle relationships, to reunite,  and  to cath up things.  Simply put, an opportunity to have an ultimate bonding experiences (UBE) with love ones.   While exploring places are fun, spending so much money for fun is definitely not funny.

Paco Park, Manila

In times of recession, when bills are overwhelming, when take home pay is shrinking, it is but wise to be financially conscious. Let alone thoughtless extravagance, because what’s popular today is travelling frugalista style.

Children Educational Tour, Luneta Park, Manila

One of the most recent words in the world of travel and tourism  is “STAYCATION”,  Mr Webster defines it as a vacation spent at home or nearby.  Wikipedia says a staycation (also spelled stay-cation, stacation, or staykation) is a neologism for a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home to area attractions.

I love the concept of stay – cation, because it promotes local tourism .  Travelling closer to home or at the comfort of our own backyard without packing things, without buying plane tickets, and pulling a lot of money from the  wallet- awesome!

 There are countless staycations to enjoy in Metro Manila alone. How about museums?  most museums offer free or if not minimal entrance fees. History buffs will surely enjoy the hidden treasures and troves of our city museums. Photo enthusiasts may also find great subjects/inspirations from these places . Picnic at theme parks, or exploring Filipino street foods, chinese street foods along the streets of Chinatown, going to animal zoos, and checking out Manila’s historical sites. 

The list goes on. I am not suggesting to ditch the whole idea of traditional vacation for staycation. It is also beneficial for our country’s tourism to visit the different provinces and cities of the Philippines. Once in a while it is nice to take vacation outside-  far from home. But it would not hurt if you indulge yourself getting to know more of  the city or town where you stay- Fun and less costly.