Heima’s happy accent chairs

aside from work, i am engrossed on reading home magazines, and during weekends, i loiter to different home accessories and¬† furniture hubs all the way from greenbelt to quiapo ilalim. of course dapitan arcade included. last week i went to lri design in makati, then i tagged my mom to tiendesitas thereafter. hoping that she’ll buy the the dining table i have been meaning to have. scouting items to bring in to my abode is something that i really need to do especially when i am on a budget. for the past months, i am very eager to renovate and design my humble abode, all i do is to scout, scout, and scout where on earth will i find the perfect item to match my tiny condo. taking into account my home theme: shabby chic. my aim is to achieve a relaxing and casual atmosphere making use of soft touch, light and neutral colors.

one of the stores inside LRI building is a strikingly unconventional furniture shop called heima. it has a collection of colorful accent chairs, wall art, and the cutest home accessories. the entire shop evokes happiness. i would love to transport each and every item from their store to my house, but that is jut a wish as of the moment ūüėČ beautiful items sold in this store are also handsomely priced.

so here take a look at what heima has to offer.

wall art

lovely accent chair

if the accent chairs above are too pricey for one’s budget, perhaps consider buying these tiny chairs?


LRI Plaza N. Garcia St. ( formerly Reposo) Bel Air II, Makati

Heima has also a branch located at  Cubao Expo, Cubao QC.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar – Bagac, Bataan

Tucked in the peaceful town of Bagac, Bataan is a collection of Filipino century old houses known as “bahay na bato”.¬† The Bahay Na Bato, a style of construction, is a mixture of Filipino-Spanish influences.¬† A house built on stone foundation with wooden legs designed to stand earthquakes.¬† Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a brainchild of Mr. Jerry Acuzar who owns a beachside property converted into a historical village resort.

Our recent travel transported us back in time, and fortunately we have witnessed an enthralling world of old Filipino houses.  The Acuzar village depicts the old Filipino town where twenty-two bahay na bato stands on a cobblestone streets.  One who wants to go around the area may either take a leisure walk or take the kalesa ride. The grand houses surrounding the area were formerly owned by prominent families in their respective provinces.  These houses were either abandoned or dilapidated.  Acuzar bought them from its present owners, then transported each and every part of the house, then rebuild it to its present location. Just exactly how it looked ages before us.

The first school of UP College of Fine Arts

Aside from the historical houses, the village is also a resort; it is located next to the beach where one can enjoy swimming.¬† There’s also a mid size pool available for guests.¬† A restaurant and bar is also present in the area. The main objective of Mr. Acuzar¬† in building this village is to showcase and preserve the old Filipino-Spanish architecture. One of the most notable structures in the area is the Casa Hidalgo, the grandest house in its time. It was the first School of UP College of Fine Arts. Its notable products were Fernando Amorsolo, Tomas Mapua, Carlos Francisco, and Guillermo Tolentino.¬† Accordingly, when the school was transferred to Padre Faura, the building was poorly maintained it became a bowling alley, dormitory, venue for sex live shows and an abortion clinic.

The once glorious Escolta is also pictured ¬† in this village. A building patterned from Escolta‚Äôs shopping district stands and serves as the hotel.¬† Each room is beautifully designed by Mr. Acuzar’s wife, who is also an interior designer herself.

Each house has its own story to tell. ¬† The creation of this village is coupled with controversy. I do not want to delve into that issue.¬† It is my humble thought that while it is true that the situs is part and parcel of these old houses’¬† historical importance,¬† I would rather have it transported to a place where it can be preserved and kept to its former grandeur than letting it decay and perish in a matter of time.

More of Las Casas Filipinas photos here. 

Read my revisit to Las Casas Filipinas Acuzar click ūüėČ

SATC 2 – Carrie Bradshaw’s Home

SATC I am woman

Yes! despite the negative reviews over the internet, I still love SATC 2.¬† I will never be disappointed because i just love everything about SATC from series to the two movies. SATC2 focused more on style, on travel, and interior design. I love love the interior of¬† Carrie and Big’s new home, I am equally inlove with the¬† new look and feel¬† of her old apartment. I searched for its¬† photos, because I am considering to have my unit decorated inspired by SATC theme. It’s the visual representation of what I actually want in my unit.

Here’s what I have found ūüėČ

The vintage armchair is so fab! and the ruffled light blue ottoman too;-)

pictures from: stylelist.com

Also, I enjoyed the interiors of Abu Dhabi Hotel, where the 4 girls stayed. Can’t get enough, I’ll probably watch it again later, because style over substance is not an issue to me ūüėČ

Lastly, I enjoyed the “I am woman” rendition of the girls!

Makati and Manila: These streets will make you feel brand new

During the lent, I was wandering around the metro and it was so frustrating that major establishments were closed. The¬† bustling thoroughfares on normal days were¬† unbelievably clear and silent. Due to the population scarcity on those days, I took advantage to roam around Makati and Manila. Here’s where I have been to ūüėČ

Graffiti walls along Reposo St. Makati

Reposo street in Makati – touted as the art center in our country’s central business district. Art galleries are ubiquitous in the area. The most popular are Alliance Francaise de Manille which hold art events and exhibitions and LRI design Plaza, a one stop shop for art decos and one of¬† a kind furniture.

The walls along the street are entirely devoted for graffiti paintings.  Unlike the usual hip- hop graffiti found under the pasig river bridge, the graffiti  in Makati are colorful and lively. The images are reaching out a strong social messages to the people from all walks of life.  One wall delivers a message about caring and preserving our trees . It requires no entrance fee to treat our eyes with visual feasts.

Sidewalk musicians

Then I  moved to Malate  district. Juggling the street is probably no ordinary for sidewalk musicians.  They spent their lives on the streets with their guitar, flute and improvised speaker. They entertain us with their music. Thousands of people pass them  by on a daily basis, and since we are all busy minding our own, they remain unnoticed. We sometimes acknowledge them,  a quick glance then we head  toward our own destinations. Most of the times,  we drop a coin  because we  pity  them for  their undeserved misfortune.

Roxas Boulevard

Of course, I did not dare to miss Roxas Boulevard, the sun had set by then¬† and the boulevard is illuminated by bright and colorful street lights. It’s this stunning street¬† that takes¬† me through vision of Manila by night. I found a spot to sit on a ledge and closely observed the surroundings. I have noticed that the boulevard is a lovers venue , moreover a haven for runners and joggers.

It was getting late, slowly people were abandoning the area, an old man in front of me stretched his body on a bench  calling it a good night. Roxas Boulevard was empty, bright and peaceful.

That day I found myself everywhere. I was sure I had my fair share of slices of life in the metro.

I’m glad.

Bahay Tsinoy Museum- Intramuros

Kaisa Angelo King Heritage Center Building in the historical Intramuros  hosts three storey museum: A Museum of Chinese in Phlippine Life. The brainchild of late anthropologist Prof. Chinben See, and made possible by Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran  Inc. It is conveniently located at Anda cor. Cabildo St.,  just  a block away from Manila Cathedral. Open  from Tuesdays to Sundays 1-5 PM. The entrance fee is P 100.

These dioramas are based on actual prints and photographs.

The museum is a repository of everything Chinese in the aspect of Philippine life. Life-sized dioramas are used in order to depict the life of Chinese in the Philippines. These dioramas underscore the  intimate relationship between Filipinos and Chinese as partners in trade and commerce, even before Magellan discovered the Philippines. Further, the museum also houses overwhelming  century old ceramics dating back in the 10th century,ancient Chinese documents and fine art galleries.

Before 7-11 stores, the Chinese merchants were already selling their goods 24-7  in the olden times.

When you¬† plan to explore the cobblestone streets of Intramuros, stop by at Chinese museum. Take a guided tour of the Chinese culture and heritage. The tour lasts about 30 minutes. Those who want to go on their own pace can get a brochure and have your own “self- guiding”. With or without Chinese ancestry, it is educating to know the roots of Filipino-Chinese friendship, and it’s amazing how it flourished through time.

Proud at 400 UST Photo Contest: I am one of the top 20 finalists!

I am happy to share that I am one  of the top 20 finalists in  UST 400 Photo Contest.  Being shortlisted is enough to make me happy. The awarding of   grand prizes will be on Friday, February 12. I was not aware  then that I am  one of the top 20 finalists, until  I checked the website of Pinoy Photography. org.  I was not expecting honestly.  My entry was  captured on January 30, the last day of submission of entries, I chanced upon UST vs. DLSU softball game. I thought  that it was an opportunity for me to try and capture  sports photography.

See the finalists here:  TOP 10: UST 400 Photo Contest.


The awarding of the grand finalists was held last friday, I went to UST museum in the afternoon to witness the exhibit. My entry was not among the top ten, but happy anyways.¬† Being¬† one of the 20 finalist is enough to make me happy. I really admire¬† all the winners, they truly deserve their places.¬† The grand prize belongs to Arturo Magturo from batch 1990, here’s a screenshot of his entry :

Grand Prize Winner ( Alumni Category)

Indeed very creative and spectacular, It must have been painstakingly difficult to come up with that winning image.  I am but all praises.

The overall experience of joining this photo contest was fun and overwhelming. It was my first time to join a photo contest not for the sake of joining  one but to take part in the event ; to have an opportunity of going back to UST again for the longest time. Nostalgic! The familiar places  reminds me of my youthful years spent at the university. I am amaze  how UST has changed after sometime too. Btw, I am not that old lol =)

Anyways, here’s another photo entry of mine, but did not make it to the final set.

UST Main Building

Fly me to the Moon

 Out there in the outer space, the moon illuminates into our dark nights. A bewitching sight; Its presence in the sky  makes the night dramatic and romantic.

The successful¬† landing¬† of Apollo¬†11 into this foreign celestial body is the culmination of¬†more heavenly explorations. American ingenuities were¬† heralded¬†for their¬† remarkable contribution to history and science. Proves¬† that¬† it’s not impossible for a man to fly into the moon.¬† Neil Armstrong’s name is forever¬† immortalized in our science books as the very first human to have set foot on the moon.

Who owns  the moon?

From wikisource: As far as ownership to the moon is concerned, Outer space treaty states that outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use, occupation , or by any other means. Further, under the Moon Treaty of 1979, moons should be used for the benefit of all sates and all people of the international community.

Interestingly,only thirteen countries have signed and ratified the Moon Treaty of 1979. One of those is Philippines. Rich countries like USA have not signed the treaty.  Perhaps, only nations that have no chance, no hope of getting up there  have signed the treaty lol! US is likely to have more explorations in the moon to know whether they can put up a man on the moon.